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We’ve been busy adding final ear candy on John Tracy’s new album...we’re close to mixing time!  Thanks to Andy Thacker (of Love Canon) for the mandolin tracks and Butch Taylor for his production assistance...and, kindly writing some charts for Andy at the last minute.

The amazing talent of John Tracy at work on his new great session work from Ashley McMillen (vocals), Butch Taylor (keyboards), Stuart Gunter, (drums, percussion) Rusty Speidel (guitar) and Jay Blanco (banjo)...with Trip Faulconer (bass guitar) at the helm, as our Special Projects engineer (and playing on some tracks)...equals one heck of a great album! So excited!! Stay tuned...

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Crowded Room rocked their live recording session last Saturday!  After a couple hours setting up in each room for an isolated live session, with vocals and lead guitar (Bryan Phillips), bass guitar (Mike Canipe), and drums (Kris Woolford)... they knocked out an album of great songs!  Thanks to all and Trip Faulconer, our special projects engineer, for an amazing job!
Listen to un-mixed songs here:

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